Five Things Cuba Taught Me.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Here, at Letters to LA LA land we travel often, collectively we have visited a lot of amazing places all over the world and experienced many great adventures. Long train rides, plane journeys or bus commutes usually leave us enough time to just sit back, stare out the window, think and reflect. Sure, that happens on most trips, but this last trip to Varadero, Cuba did something different; something more intense not just thinking and reflecting.
Traveling around the world, meeting and seeing people in all sorts of circumstances made me appreciate my freedom, opportunities and chance to get to learn from everywhere I have been. As cliché as it sounds, this last trip taught me new things and reiterated some thing I knew:

Roll with the punches. - I like having control of things, thinking things over many times, planning and seeing things through. Cuba remind me that sometimes, that is not how things work. Just because I planned things one way, doesn't mean that others will follow my script and game plan.  

Happiness. - I am fortunate enough that I have a decent job, more things than I actually need and am healthy. People in Cuba work so hard, for so little but they have something that most of us in Westernized world don't. They have happiness. They find joy in little things and are full of positive energy; regardless how hard things may or may not be they are genuinely content. Life’s short, for fuck’s sake, do what makes you happy.  

Cuban people do wonders for your confidence.- I am not sure if it is a cultural thing, they way they are raised but they are very open and forthcoming with compliments. Its is such a small thing to say, you hair looks great today, and make someone's day. 

Music and dancing. - Music and dancing are way of life. Not only do they bring joy to you, but to others around you. I was at awe with amazing and talented dancers everywhere, they were mesmerizing to watch... and all I could do was smile. My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much the entire trip.

Love. - If you read this blog, you know that I am afraid of getting hurt and I am afraid of hurting others. This has a lot to do with keeping my heart guarded; if you don't fall in love you cant get hurt. Right? Meeting couples and listen to their stories (and people watching, duh!) this time in Varadero thought me one important thing: the things that seem all big and scary might be the most worth while, and if it turns they aren't you will have one incredible story to tell.

What lessons have you learned from traveling?


  1. I felt as if I was reading my own thoughts when it comes to traveling when I read this post! It's so true! Especially the parts about going with the flow when the game plan doesn't really stick and finding happiness in small things. When I visited Vietnam and Ladakh, I felt the same thing. The people here have so little in terms of comfort and yet I found the most loving and comforting and always smiling people in both these places! Also, traveling to new places always makes me respect our beautiful world and be grateful again��

    1. Totally agree. We learn so much from travel.

      Thank you so much for reading!