2016: Amy's Look Back

Thursday, December 29, 2016

What a year! 2016 was filled with ups and down and in the middles! My first full year of being single since I was 16, travelling the world, taking on new challenges, and adding a few failures/mistakes to the book too! Here's a quick look back in my year:

Owning a teenager: one of the most challenging and rewarding things of my life. I use the word own because my pretty little kid always wants for something: new clothes, new shoes, make up, movie tickets, driving test after test after test, trips, and FOOD (man can these humans consume the groceries). I wouldn't trade this stage for diapers again but it's cheaper for sure. And I wouldn't change anything for a second. She's my favourite person in the whole world - shhh don't tell her, it might go to her head!

Varadero Beach in Cuba
 Somewhere in Cuba
Pina Coladas in Cuba
 Another Pina Colada in Havana, Cuba
Over looking Maligne Canyon
Whistler's Inn, Jasper Alberta
 A lake in Ontario
6 Flags La Ronde in Montreal
National Art Gallery in Ottawa

Travelling the world: I went from Jasper to Cuba to Ottawa and Montreal, back to Cuba and Jasper! I used every last one of my vacation days at work and loved every second of it. Partied it up on some beaches with friends, celebrated a 30th birthday (not mine - I'm 29 again) on the ocean, screamed on roller coasters with my kid at 6 flags, swam in lakes and rivers with my cousins, shopped in mall after mall, hit up museums and art galleries with my Step Mom, and hiked mountains with my besties.

Lindsey Stirling Concert
 Kaleo at Edmonton Folk Festival
The Watchmen at Taste of Edmonton

I ran a Spartan Race, attended multiple concerts, hit up my first Cirque de Soleil performance, saw models strut down runways (live and on tv), read 20 books, wrote over 3 dozen blog posts, saw many cheerleading competitions, and watch a crap ton of Netflix!

Seems this year was a rough one for some folks, if my Instagram feed means anything - but I had an adventurous and great year! I look forward to the next one and all the new experiences I'll get to have. Good and bad - because they make us who we are!


  1. I read this blog all the time and I like all the content but posts like this are why I keep reading your blog. Very heartfelt, honest and real.

  2. Thank you for the great feedback Adreana! We love to know what you love and want you to keep reading!