2016, A Look Back!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Twenty sixteen was one of those years where by time December rolled around I wasn't sure if I was thankful it was finally over or glad for the life lessons. 2016 started out great only to have me and many others wanting a re-do by time February rolled around. When we started talking about this as a topic I was so sure what I was going to say, but now sitting down to write it I am realizing 2016 was overwhelming with things and I have no idea where to start. So a look back at 2016...
I turned 30. Turning 30 was terrifying for me! Thirty sounds so serious, you know like I should have my shit together by now kind of serious. Which, lets be frank (or if you ask my mother) is totally not the case. Running away to Cuba to celebrate was totally a good idea... which leads me to my next point...
Cuba. I travel a lot, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to do so, but the last visit to Cuba was something more than just a blissful seven days in the sun with a mojito in hand. It renewed my hope in humanity, in people, in love, which if you know anything about me is huge. Bigger than that, its enormous!

Being and staying positive. I am for most part, glass half empty kind of person (go ahead judge me, I know I am), so somewhere over the course of 2016 I realized that just do. There is no point in whining and bitching about things - is there is something you can do about it? Than do it or shut a hell up. For things you cant change anyway, what a hell is the point of stressing over it? You cannot change it. Learn form it and move on.
Loss. I don't deal with loss well; or in my case I deal by never talking about it so I don't have to cry or fall apart. In 2016 I lost one of my best friends, love of my life and the only person who  always called me out on all my bullshit. I went through all the stages of grieving in a week and then was just angry, angry that cancer is awful and takes people way too soon. A. I will forever miss you. 
 Unfinished business. 2016 thought me reinforced the importance of doing what you love and what you are passionate about. My career came first for so many years, but this year that hit me hard, landing me on my ass, realizing that having a fancy title, a corner office doesn't mean absolutely anything. I want more - more of things that mean something, more of things I am passionate about. So with that I started back on two things, I should have never give up in the first place. More on that in 2017.

Amazing big and little things: My sister and I bought a condo and moved down town. I learned to live out of two homes and consistently looking for things that were at the other place stopped bothering me. I ran Spartan and didn't die.

What did 2016 teach you?

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