5 Things: Holiday Favourites

Friday, December 23, 2016

I love the holiday season; there is something so magical about it. It brings people together, the cities light up in pretty colors and calories officially don't count. You read Amy's and Zahra's favorite five things about the holidays, so today I will share mine:
My family. Even tho we don't traditionally celebrate Christmas, our Christmas day involves packing up the car, endless amount of snacks, all the winter clothes we can put on and heading out to go ice fishing. I promise its fun! It looks something like this: I scream when I catch fish (since there is no way I will actually touch the fish) so my dad runs to my rescue and deals with the fish, all while my mother laughs at us and my brother keeps walking around the frozen lake looking for cell reception.
Peppermint cheesecake. I am obsessed with it. If you have a good recipe, I am always on a look out.
Time off. Yes, time off but not for the reason you think. This is one of the rare times of the year when everyone in my family is off work or school. Giving us a plenty of time to hangout, eat endless amounts of my moms cooking and watch Home Alone reruns (or scream at recorded soccer matches, as one does).

Giving gifts. There is nothing better than watching people open their gifts, the surprised and look of pure joy can't be beat.

Starbucks Holiday Drinks! Call me basic but eggnog latte is everything.

What do you love about the holidays?

Happy Holidays!