5 Things: Holiday Favourites

Friday, December 16, 2016

I have to admit I miss being in school at this time of the year, I know what you are all thinking it's because you get 2 weeks off and let's be real that's a huge and I mean HUGE part of what I miss. But it's also how festive the environment is, I love the decorations and all the fun that goes into Christmas. Now that I am adulting and no longer get 2 weeks off, I've had a chance to re-evaluate the things I love about Christmas.
1. Watching my nieces get excited about Christmas. It gets more and more exciting for me as they grow older and they get to enjoy the wonder of the holiday season. I love watching them on Christmas morning opening they're gifts, and getting excited about what Santa brought them. Oh to be young and innocent again.
2. Buying present for people. While I find buying presents super stressful, I really over think things and have to make sure people will like their gifts. It can also be amazing, the feeling you get when you give people gifts and the joy you see on their faces is worth the stress.
3. Spending time with family. I am lucky in that I get to spend a lot of time with my immediate family (we do dinner every Sunday) but the holidays are when the extended family gets together and its so much fun. I have a really big extended family, and with all of my cousins now having kids it's great to see them all play together, like we used to.
4. FOOD! Something to note about me is I'm not a huge foodie, but the holidays are the exception. I eat whatever, and however much I want during the holidays. I can't help it, the magic of the holidays means you don't put on weight from the food you eat. At least that's what I tell myself. Plus there are so many amazing things to eat, how can you deny yourself.
5. Christmas Movies. I love watching Home Alone 1 & 2 during the holidays it's an obsession. I'm pretty sure every year I watch both of those movies about 5 times. The holidays just aren't the holidays without Kevin McCallister! I do have other favourites as well, but none of them compare or really put me in the Christmas spirit.
What are your favourite things about the Holidays?