Amy's 5 Holiday Favourites

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

1. Love decorating for the holidays! It's even easier now that I have such a cute little condo! Stockings, tinsel, tree, snowflakes, lights, and PRESENTS. Everything feels so festive with decorations all over the place.
2. Christmas tunes always get me in the holiday spirit. And I just can't help but sing along (blanket apology to everyone within earshot).
3. Not that anyone needs a reason to go shopping . . . but it's unavoidable in December. I love the hustle and bustle. They also tend to have the decorations and music wherever you go.
4. Friends and family time. Whether it's sneaking in a shopping date or coffee, gift exchanges or board games, we tend to spend more time together during the holidays. And I absolutely love that.
5.FOOD. There are cookies and chocolates everywhere. There are friend parties and work parties - all including food and drink. Turkey and devilled eggs, spinach dip and cocktails.