Silk'n Flash & Go At Home Hair Removal System

Friday, December 2, 2016

I know a thing or two about unwanted hair and removing it. I've been doing it since I was in Junior High after all. I have tried everything and I mean everything, waxing, epilator, bleaching, Nair, threading, and lazer just to name a few. Now this product is by no means new, but it is new to me and it is amazing it's the at home hair removal system Silk'n Flash & Go. I was a little reluctant to buy an at home lazer, I mean I've had lazer hair removal done before but that was in a salon by a professional. The at home system is worrisome because usually if it seems too good to be true it is. I researched a bunch of at home lazer systems and finally settled on this one. It has the most bang for your buck.


Now there are a few options when I bought my Flash & Go there were just these two options. The Luxx version and the Original version. I have linked the website here so that you can check out their new products the Flash & Go Compact and the Flash & Go Express. I would picked the Flash & Go original, my rational was a) i'm on a budget and if it didn't work at least I didn't waste too much money and b) I could split up my costs and buy the refill cartridge later. I bought my Silk'n Flash & Go from Bed Bath and Beyond for $157.00 it was on sale and then I used my 20% off in store coupon so it was a really good deal. The 5,000 cartridge lasted a year and I bought the replacement cartridge for roughly $100.

Now the big question, did it work? For me yes it did. Now as I said before I have a lot of hair so while I am not hairless I think this product is definitely worth the money. I think if I am consistent and do the full 8 weeks I could be pretty close to hairless. I already have my hair growth slowing down and becoming more sparse, it's just a matter of keeping the schedule.

What do you think of at home lazers? Do you have one that has worked for you?