7 Places to Visit in 2017!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

At Letters to LA LA land we love to travel and since the blog was started we have put together a list (or lists) of place to visit many times. In 2017 Rio was a huge destination and Canada got lots of recognition as a destination to travel to. In 2017 we plan to venture a little further and sometimes off the beaten path. We rounded up 7 places to visit in 2017 that are not the usual travel-to suspects:
Stromboli Island, Sicily, Italy
Italy is always a good idea, trust me! However, venturing a little bit of the main stream places in Italy and you will end up on this beautiful island that is referred as "the Light house of the Mediterranean". 
The Yasawa Islands, Fiji
 16 Islands spread over 56 miles of glorious snow white sand beaches and breath taking scenery. These island hopping is amazing because of the scenery and snorkeling in perfectly clear lagoons is why the islands made our list.
Havana, Cuba
I know what you are thinking, like how many times can this girl talk about Cuba?
BUT,  hear me out, Havana is beautiful, the architecture and history are fascinating, drinks are cheap, food is great and energy of the city will make feel alive again.
Dades Valley, Morocco
Morocco, like Italy, is always worth the visit. Dades Valley is a little bit of the beaten dessert part. Roads leading to the valley are adventure on its own, but the valley is intimate filled breathtaking architecture of homes filled into the hills.
Lopud Island, Croatia
Not to be confused with Lopud beach, which is nice too. The island is less than 5 KM long and it offer beautiful sandy beaches, quiet sport perfect for reading, intimate restaurant and awesome ice-cream (true and tested).
Etosha National Park, Namibia
Etosha National Park is a protected area in northern Namibia. Its a home to 144 species of mammals and 300 species of birds.
Western Cape, South Africa
The Western Cape is a South African province with coasts bordering the Indian and Atlantic oceans. The Garden Route is on the edge of the Indian ocean, filled with dolphins, penguins and migrating whales. You can watch the whales from the land or boat if you want the up and close kind of experience.
What places are you going to travel to in 2017?
*all photos were gathered via Google images or my personal photos.