Staying Organized in 2017!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

 Being organized, and staying organized are hard on a good day. We have all read many way to stay organized by starting with this pile here or that pile over there but for us it was more of introducing a few daily organizational habits to help keep the clutter and chaos from becoming more than you can manage.
So I asked the Letters to LA LA land team how they stay organized?
I write things downs and put them in my calendar if it's not in my calendar you can bet I will forget. I like things to be organized but I am very bad at coming up with systems or ways to organize things. I just keep thinking of new and improved ways so I use Pinterest a lot to find organization hacks for storage and things like that. Honestly the nerd in me has a dream of letting my OCD friend lose on my house and organizing everything. One day this will happen. 
Calendars. My calendar links to my computer and my phone. And lists.

I make A LOT of lists. I have a date timer that is filled with lists and sticky notes filled with lists. Since things out of place stress me out and I clean for fun, so I am always on a look out for ways to simplify things and be more organized.

here are few simple tips to help you get and stay orgaznied:

Write it down.
To-do lists make a huge difference. Less things you have to remember the better. Simplify things but writing down you task down.

If you are a busy family, a business or just working on your side hustle have and update a shared calendar. Make sure you  update it with appointments, school events, things to bring, things to buy etc. At letters to LA LA land we have a shared calendar, which not only serves as a reminder but hold us accountable to things we have to do.

Do a little every day.
I commit 10 minute a day each night before bed to set up your next day. I tidy the room/bathroom/etc. You might think "well 10 minutes isn't enough" but over time its enough time to touch up and clean up things you otherwise wouldn't.

Things everywhere stress me out. Grab a  big box, mark it with the word donation and put thing you we no longer need in there. If you have things you have used in last six months, maybe its time to part with it. I do two big clean ups - where I put away all the things I didn't use. If it goes three or four months and I didn't need any of the things I put away I give them away.

How do you plan to stay organized in 2017?