March Beauty Essentials

Friday, March 3, 2017

Do you ever walk into Sephora or Shoppers and immediately feel overwhelmed with options for moisturizes, lotions and make up?  Do I need primer? Is this moisturizer worth the splurge? Why are there eighteen hundred options for eye cream? No? just me than?
Lucky for you ladies, here at Letters to LA LA land we happen to love researching and testing beauty products. Each month we will give you the down lo of what we tired and loved or not so much. 
March line up:
Okay , you have heard me talk about how much I like Derma E product on social media and the blog before and this Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask is no exception. I love it because the dual-action formula cleans pores and gets rid of all the toxins, then exfoliates away all the bad stuff for purely glowing and smooth skin. (buy here: Derma E $19.00)
I have fairly sensitive skin, which hates many (ok, most serums) but this Purifying Youth Serum has been great. I have been putting it on every night before bed. I like that it helps with evening my skin completion on top of fighting fine lines. I have been using it for over three weeks and no break outs (once I figured out to avoid my t-zone) (buy here: Derma E $29.50)

If you are like me, you have tried hundred different mascaras and once you thought you found your perfect one, the brand went on and changed the formula leading you to dissepiment. I recently picked up Make up forever Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara, and I am in love. It doesn't clump and give you great volume. (buy here: Sephora $31.00)
This Chanel perfection lumiere velvet lightweight second-skin foundation has been my favorite. I love how smooth my skin feels, and the coverage is good while it does not feel heavy. (buy here: Chanel $59.00)

I am no makeup expert (even tho, between three of us, we watch and follow ton of talented and amazing beauty experts) but I was told "Nermisa, you need a primer". So I went to Sephora and after some deliberation I ended up purchasing Hourglass N° 28 Primer Serum. It came highly recommended and suitable for someone with sensitive skin, which all sounded great. I used it under my make up for a party. My skin felt smooth and my make up over all looked more even. However, somewhere thought the party my skin felt gross and it me break out severely. While it would prob work well for someone with normal to dry skin it is not good for sensitive skin (buy here: Sephora $26.00)