Music of the Month: Mother Mother

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It should be pretty obvious that we love us some indie rock over here in LaLaLand. We also have a pretty wicked music scene in Edmonton. On Thursday I'll be checking out this Vancouver, Canada band live thanks to a generous Christmas present (concert tickets are ALWAYS a great gift for me).

Hayloft was the first Mother Mother I heard and loved. Most songs bring me back to some memory and this song is no different. This songs evokes the memory of my daughter singing along in the back seat of the car at the top of her lungs - belting out the wrong words. I can't recall what the heck she was saying but we both laughed a lot at her blunder. To this day we wait for the other person to sing the wrong words to a song so we can point and laugh. Mother Mother of the year award goes to me every time.

This band doesn't take themselves too seriously and often their tunes make me laugh. If you know me, this isn't a huge challenge. But they bring me joy and I can't wait to rock out just a little bit at their show!

Here's a few of my faves, hope you enjoy too!

The Stand

Cesspool of Love


Mouth of the Devil