TV Shows I Am Currently Obsessed With

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I no longer have cable TV or Netflix. I have an Android box and while I love it because it literally has all the shows, it's also that much harder to find something to watch. Having too much choice is also a problem. I finally found a few shows to watch that I am absolutely obsessed with.
Outsiders- My fiancé started watching this show and as things usually go you start watching too and suddenly you are yelling at him for watching episodes without you. I really like this show, its different that anything else I've ever watched. It's about a closed off community in the mountains of Appalachia, and how they have lived peacefully and closed off from the outside world. Now with a coal company coming in and threatening their way of life you get to see the struggle they go through to maintain their community.
Fresh Off The Boat- I saw a little clip of this show on Facebook and then I had to watch it. It's about an Asian American family that move to Florida where the dad has just opened a restaurant. My fiancé and I laugh a lot at this show. There are so many similarities to my family in this show that I get a kick out of. Plus when we are watching I look over at him and say "OMG, I am totally doing that to our kids! They will def be grounded if the water bill is too high!"
Vanderpump Rules- I don't know if you got this from my Bachelor pick, but I love trashy reality shows. I mean I don't have drama in my life and nor do I want it but I love, love, love to watch it! Picking sides in fights, just getting totally caught up in these messed up lives! Oh so good! Judge me all you want but it is so fun to watch!
Are You The One?- Since you are already judging me I figured I would throw this one in here. This is an MTV show and they know how to do reality TV the best pretty sure they started it all with Real World but that's besides the point. This show is addictive! The premise 22 singles are put in a house with their perfect match, as per professional match makers. While in the house all 22 singles have to find their perfect match in order for them to win $1 million dollars. Seriously go watch it, it's like high school on steroids!
LetterKenny- This is a Canadian show, I only watched it again because of my fiancé. Someone at his work told him about it so we had to watch it. I have no idea what they are saying half the time, but I did start to get into it. An example I had never heard the phrase "Pitter, Patter" and boy do I love it! I have tried to use this in my life but so far I keep forgetting, eventually I will use this. My fiancé says it reminds him of his gym teacher and only "old people" use it but I am determined!
What shows should I be watching? Help! I need a new show to watch I'm all caught up!