3 Places You Aren't Considering Traveling To But Should Be

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Every year you hear people of traveling to the usual places like Mexico, France, Croatia and Italy and there’s a reason most of us go there. Those places are oozing with charm, history, culture and breath taking views that we keep adding them to our list to visit.

However, most of these locations are filled with tourists, big crowds and they have westernized them enough that one you have been there once or twice you are done with them.  If you are looking to plan your next vacation think of these not so popular places to visit:
Marrakech, Morocco because it looks magical and amazing. There are so many things to do and the pictures look amazing. There's a labyrinth of narrow streets with many souks. It's def a must see.
I guess I would say Cuba – because people hear that the food isn't that great so they don't go. But there are so many other amazing things about Cuba that make it worthwhile – the beaches, the people, the excursions, the culture, the music.

Ghana. I know it isn’t too often you hear people choosing Ghana as their must-visit destination; however adding Accra, Ghana to your list is a must. The rich history filled with fascinating museums and historical sites, beautiful beaches, friendly people are just a few reasons to visit, plus its budget friendly.
What not-so-main-stream places would you recommend?