How to: Closet Cleaning

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring and Summer are a great time to de-clutter and clean up. I have an over stuffed closet full of things, many haven’t worn in 5 years.  Part of my new years resolution was no shopping and so far so good. This has helped with overflowing amounts of clothes I own but there was still WAY too much clothes in my closet. I recently went on a closet clean out mission and cleaned out  bags of clothes to send to Goodwill (or let my friends take what they want).
So you have decide you are going to clean up but do you keep? What do you toss?
Toss: Anything that no longer fits you. If its too small, too big get rid of it.
Toss: If you have not worn it in last 6 months. This is hard in places like Canada since we have distinct winter and summer wardrobes but you know those shirts and jeans you haven't put on in last year (you know exactly what I am talking about) toss it out.
Keep: Classic pieces. Things you can wear over and over... like that little black dress.
Toss: Damaged items. You know all those pants where you were going to hem, fix the zipper etc. All those things can go, because its probably been months and you did nothing about it.
Toss: All those "gift with purchase" bags/shirts/etc.
 How do you keep organized?