Music of the Month: James Arthur

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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I've been in a pretty mellow music kick lately. My "new sh!t" playlist is full of slow jams and that's not a bad thing.  Music can have such an affect on our moods and my world has been pretty full these past few weeks. The relaxed tunes have helped me relax and take it easy in the few quiet moments.

James Arthur keeps coming on the radio and the first few times I tried to shazam it - finally I downloaded the "Back from the Edge" album. SO good.

His voice is absolutely beautiful. He gets ya right in the feels. Very mushy stuff. But it has a feel good vibe to it.

The lyrics to Can I Be Him are a little bit stalkery - but that doesn't seem to phase me this time. His voice captivates me and draws me in.

Trainwreck is another feeler. Such a sense of longing paired with this man's voice. Easy to get lost in the song.

What do you guys think? Does James give you goosebumps?