Top 5 Summer Movies

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's officially Summer!! It's so exciting, it is the best season and even though there are a million things to do outdoors there is still a need to know what movies you should be catching this Summer. Because well there are plane rides, and rainy days and sometimes you just need an air conditioned theatre to escape to. Here are the movies I will be checking out. 

Girls Trip- So everyone has seen the trailer for Rough Night which is basically the same movie as this one except one giant different and sorry but its an all black cast and in this one no one died. I saw this trailer first when I went to see Baywatch and frankly I am dying to see it, it looks hilarious. I'm not saying don't check out Rough Night just watch this one too. 

The Big Sick- This movie is about an inter-racial couple. I picked this movie because it really hits close to home. I'm in a relationship with someone who is not the same culture and religion as I am and it can be quite difficult to navigate. I'm actually looking forward to seeing a movie I can definitely relate too and have a good laugh hopefully. 

The House- This movie is about a dad that convinces his friends to start an illegal casino in his basement after he and his wife spend their daughter's college fund. So this description is messed up I mean illegal gambling, it has Amy Poehler and Will Ferrel so you know this is going to be hysterical. 

Atomic Blonde- I love a good spy movie so when I saw this trailer I wanted to see the movie, Charlize Theron is an MI6 undercover agent during the Cold War and she has to find out who killed and agent. 

Despicable Me 3- If you follow the blog then you know I love animated movies. I am a giant child, I can't even pretend I watch them for my nieces because the only movies they will watch are Frozen and Zootopia. I loved the first 2 and normally franchises just get worse but it the second one had a lot of funny moments so i'm hoping this one doesn't disappoint.  Oh right, the plot Gru finds out he's a twin and his twin is evil and wants him to help him with a heist.

What movies will you be watching this Summer?