We Broke Up: The Hair Story

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Guys, we broke up!  Last month I made a big change. I said goodbye and I broke up with shampoo & conditioner. Most break ups are hard, this one however, was for the better.
So you must be wondering why would anyone ditch their shampoo and conditioner? Especially someone who changes their hair as often as I do. Early in May I got an opportunity to try New Wash.

Week later in May, I received a sleek looking bottle of New Wash. I love the packaging, love the idea of having to use only one product but I was skeptical. It came with great reviews, and it all seemed a little too good to be true. To add me being unsure about this, I have just colored my hair blonde, and I was worried about giving up my conditioner. However, I decided to try it out; so I took my shampoo and conditioner out of the bathroom and replaced it with New Wash.
My hair felt soft and clean after the first wash. The non shampoo formula is so effective and so easy to use, and I swear it even takes at least 5 minutes out of my shower time.  Since I bleached my hair to go blonde, it was damaged and falling out and after a month with New Wash that's all changed. My hair feels clean and well moisturized. The biggest change I noticed was that my hair had volume and shine, which previously would have included 5 products or a visit to dry bar. 

I travel lots for work, so lugging around at least 4 hair products on all my trips was a lot of work and took a ton so space when packing. Now all I needs is New Wash and I am good to go.
So why should you break up with your traditional shampoo and conditioner?

New Wash really works.
Its convenient. One bottle is all you need. 
Saves you time. Without having to shampoo, condition and put a mask in your hair, you will be in and out of your shower in no time.
Its cost effective. I have been using the same bottle for about 5 weeks and still haven't run out.
Have you tried New Wash? I'd love to hear your Hair Story.

This post was sponsored by New Wash. All opinions are my own.

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