5 Coffee Shops in Edmonton You Have To Visit

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My world requires constant caffenation. It's not just limited to Monday mornings . . . try every morning, the afternoon, after a really tasty meal, on a cold winter evening, or camping with baileys. It's never a bad time to have a big ol' cup of coffee. It's actually a sure way to get me to smile - bring me a coffee for NO REASON.

Although it's not always about the coffee - sometimes it's about the atmosphere too. We decided to compile a short list of places we love to enjoy the coffee too.


Care for a deadly macaroon to accompany your cup of joe? This is your place. 

They have a great little patio on 124st with some lovely people watching to pass the time with your beverage. Also some kick butt eats if your hungry.

This place serves a great pot of Turkish coffee to go along with your hookah if you're into that. Great food, comfortable atmosphere, and people watching on Jasper. 

Fun coffee. Fun cups. Fun place.

It's like a brewery - but for coffee. A roastery?!? Check it out.  

Where else should we go for tasty coffee beverages??