#CUinAfrica - Bimbilla Credit Union Women's Power Farmer Group Story

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bimbilla Credit Union has made an impact on hundreds of woman’s lives who have been able to participate in the microfinance loan program. This program is empowering women and is smart economics. Empowering women to have access to basic financial needs helps build the lives of women and girls around the world.  This allows them to provide food for their family, to educate their children and creates sustainability for the community. 

These ladies are Bimbilla Credit Union members  and are part of a farmers production group We had the pleasure of meeting with this above group of women who wanted us to know how the production loans has been changing their lives.   The group has 20 members. They are a strong and powerful group. Having access to  loans and accounts at the local credit union helped them get more food for their families and expanded businesses. For many of these women, their priority is education and now able to send their kids to school.
This farmer production group we met is made up of all women and the manager praised them as the strongest group that the Credit Union has!!!  They have an incredible co-operative spirit and understanding on how credit unions make difference in communities like theirs. They have had two production loans and have future plans to grow their business even more. Most of them have successfully transitioned from borrowers to savers and full members. When the credit union was going though distress they remained members because patience and perseverance in time of challenges is how they do things.