Must Watch TV

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Here are some of my picks for shows you should be watching.

Good Doctor- He has high functioning autism and genius level intellect. To say that he faces some challenges being a doctor is putting it lightly. I love this show when I heard the maker of House made this show I knew I had to watch. This show ventures into uncharted territory and I love watching it. Check it out on Mondays on ABC. 

This Is Us- Everyone I know has told me to watch this show, warning though you will cry or so i've been told. It's on my list and it should be on yours too, the second season just started so binge watch season 1 ASAP and then continue with season 2. 

The Mindy Project- This is the last season of The Mindy Project so you must watch it! I love her, at first she annoyed me but now I love her and the show. 

Young Sheldon- This is the spinoff from The Big Bang Theory about Sheldon as a child. I love The Big Bang Theory and obviously Sheldon is my fav so I really want to watch everything about him. You should too catch it Nov. 2 when it returns. 

The Orville- I love a show I can watch with my boyfriend and this is one. Usually shows by Seth MacFarlane are pretty stupid and the humour is stupid, but this one is pretty good. I love the premise being in the future and the humour is funny. Catch this show Thursdays on Fox.

What are you watching? What should I add to my ever growing list?