Top 5: Easy Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As with previous years, I like easy but creative costumes for Halloween. Here are my top picks that I saw that are really easy, but not expected costume ideas. And no a shirt that says I Am Cat is not a creative cat costume nor is putting on a pair of ears. Even I'm not that lazy, so there's really no excuse for you. 

Where's Waldo- what you'll need a pair of skinny jeans, red and white stripped Tee, glasses, white and red torque and white kicks.
Kim Possible- Green Khakis, black long sleeve crop top, black gloves, utility belt and combat boots.

Cereal Killer-  Small boxes of cereal, plastic knives, fake blood, a white t-shirt and markers. Because I love punny costumes!

Little Red Riding Hood- White knee high stockings, red shoes, red lip stick, white dress, red cape or red hoodie, and a basket. 

Boo- Pink sweater, purple leggings, white kicks, pigtails. This costume is super easy and if you're friends aren't as lazy you can make it a group costume find a Mike Wazowski, and a Sully to round it out.

What are you wearing for Halloween? Do you have a punny costume idea for me?