4 Things to Learn (For Free) to Help Your Career

Thursday, January 25, 2018

I am a strong believer in always learning new things and improving. Sometimes its leaning simple (but very important things) like the fact if you hold the screen, your Snapchat story stops. This was life changing! (thanks Beata!) I gathered resources to help you pad your resume/CV, and get you one step closer to our dream career, whatever that might be, at little or no cost at all. Since 2017 was a year of challenges and change -  in 2018 we recommend focusing on these four things:

 change management.
'The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change' - in this millennium we not only have to get with change we have to be able to drive it. Learning more about how to drive change, lead your teams and look at change from a holistic point and using it to your advantage is what will get you to excel in 2018.

 start or improve your side hustle.
Regardless if your side hustle is to support your income, get a break from your 9-5 and be creative, with current economical and over all world status its time to embrace your passion and your side hustle. Take free art classes, photography, cooking classes, learn how to knit; do that something that makes you happy and makes you grow.
learn more about starting your own business.
2018 and on might be the years where you are done with working for the man or your side hustle has grown enough you can turn it into a business, its time to learn how to be your own Girl Boss or (Man Boss, whatever makes you happy). Saying that I know that being self employed or running your own business is not for everyone, but learning about ins and out, the legal side, the government legislation, the why things happen might help you do better in your current job, understand where things are going, and most important make you aware.
financial literacy.
Are you financially fit? If you are in good ol' Alberta and stop by your local Servus Credit Union I can bet you were ask that, and they got a point. How many of can say we are 100% financially fit? I work in finance and I am not financially fit as I should be. Learn how to do a budget, basic accounting, different investment options, how to buy your first home, how to build your credit etc... the list goes on and on.
So where do you go to learn all these things for free? Here are two resources that we tested over last few months, to help you make the 2018 the best year yet:
Alison is a free online course resources site, it offers over a 1000 different classes  that are completely free. To start any class you register for free (via e-mail or your social media), and take your desired course from there. You do your course at your speed and in the end your have to do an assessment and pass with 80% or higher to become a graduate. I am two classes in and there is no catch (well that I have run into as of now). If you want to get a certificate for your completed course or remove adds there is a fee. I haven't found the adds to be annoying as of yet, and did order a certification which was about $100 but have not physically received it yet.I have taken and competed an HR course and in process of doing a digital photography course. (Get access to your free courses here)
Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and just for fun. They offer free classes as well some paid one in form of a Premium membership. All of the classes come in form of a video and reading on screen. I found that some of the classes are simplified and basic but covered broad enough spectrum to be useful. It comes as an app as well, which is handy to do on your breaks or if you commute. I completed few easy classes like fundamentals of DSLR photography and VLog.
(get access to three month premium for 0.99$ here)

What do you guys think?