It’s A Hairy Business

Monday, February 26, 2018

If you follow Letters to LA LA land on any social media or here you have been subject to seeing ton of photos of me (sorry, maybe!) Over time you will notice I have had many colors and cuts. If you ask my hair dress, who is amazing BTW, she can tell you that one of main reasons all my hair has not ran away off my head is quality hair products. I use Kenra Professional product and LOVE their stuff.

Pictured above: 

I have bleached my hair over 5 times since June. This shampoo and container combo replenishes much needed moisture in my dry and damaged hair. It helps keep my hair so soft  dry and help my hair not tangle and it makes it way more manageable. best part its color safe, and does not make my blonde hair brassy.

Kenra Perfect Blowout 5 and Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17
I am no super savvy when it comes to my hair but this perfect blowout makes my hair look shiny, healthy and helps tames frizz. Especially in cold winter conditions. Both products are  ideal for blowout & styling control. The mouse provides styling control without stiffness or stickiness, and it plays well with all your styling tools.

Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo:
You have already heard me rave about how much I LOVE this product. It instantly refreshes hair at the root, absorbs oils & impurities and leaves no white residue. 

Who do you trust to keep your hair looking and feeling its best?