Five Best Places For Solo Travel

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Do you travel alone? If you read this post here, you know that I have, and I actually enjoy it. Saying that, I wouldn't travel alone to few places because I wouldn't feel safe. I did some research and here are 5 places that are best for solo travel.


Switzerland, is known as county that minds its own business, so it no surprise that many people add it is a natural choice for solo travelers.  I would recommend starting with a couple of days in stately, pedestrian-friendly Zurich and then head south to the shores of Lake Geneva for the bistros, nightlife, and museums of Montreux and Lausanne before carrying on to the Italian-speaking Ticino region. All you need is good walking shoes and a Swiss Rail Pass—good for every train, tram, and lake steamer.


I stand behind the fact everyone should visit Canada (and not only because we are a Canadian blog), the country offers beautiful landscapes, amazing mountains, lakes and offers a very long must see list. Canada however is a very large country. If you are looking to explore solo, you should add, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to your list.  Not only are all three provinces beautiful but there are ton of things you can do on your own, and still be safe.

Sweden like Canada is a very large country. The cities are spread through out, with ton of park and lakes in between and charming cities and towns you can visit are endless. If you are looking to travel solo and Sweden is on your list I would maybe stay away from Malmo but add places like Stockholm, Jönköping, Habo, Växjö, and Norrkoping to your list. I have been to both to Stockholm alone and while its amongst Sweden's biggest cities there was ton to do, and at no point did I feel unsafe. It’s easy to be a solo traveler in Stockholm, a compact city surrounded by the waters of the small chain of islands; you can get around on the bike or walking.

Letters to LALA Land loves Cuba. We have traveled many places but Cuba left a lasting impression, especially on me. We have been 3 times and have always felt safe, well taken care off and the beaches alone are worth the visit. The people are nice and make you feel like you belong. Between the beaches, stunning architecture, friendly people and together with low crime rates, means solo travel is rewarding and safe in Cuba

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina has it all (and I am not only saying this because I am Bosnian), from lush green landscapes, unspoiled nature, incredible views, most amazing food, to friendly people. In the south (Neum) you will find a small stretch of the coastline with crystal clear waters, and most scenic countryside that changes at almost every turn. So if you are looking for beautiful landscapes, ton of things to do, a little history lesson along the way you are in for a treat.  It’s a perfect place to bike, hike, raft or swim or just sit in a beautiful café shops reading a book. Despites its turbulent past Bosnia is safe and tourists are very welcomed and you will meet people from all over the world fast.

What do you guys think? I have visited all 5 and have nothing but an amazing experience. If you were to Google the safest ranked cities or countries these five might not be on the top. I am a strong believer that there has to be a balance of safety, adventure and things to see and do to make it a perfect place for solo travel and those are the basis I made this list on.