Five Cool Things You Should Check Out + a #giveaway

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Do you guys like to read? What do you read? I love books, magazines, blogs you name it, I love reading them all. Lately I have been spending ton of time on cool websites, and some are just as addictive as Pinterest, but that could be just me. Today we rounded up 5 things you should check out today:

If you love reading, this is the place to be. This could be just me, but I have spend so much time on Goodreads lately, I have like 100 more books to read.

My Fridge Food.
If you have ever opened your fridge door, or pantry and just started at it hoping an idea of what to make for dinner would just come to you, this website is for you. You check off the ingredients you have and it gives you ideas of what you can make with those items. Some recipes are simple but when you are stuck and need ideas this website is there to help.

Alison, online classes.
Alison is a free online course resources site, it offers over a 1000 different classes  that are completely free. To start any class you register for free (via e-mail or your social media), and take your desired course from there. You do your course at your speed and in the end your have to do an assessment and pass with 80% or higher to become a graduate. I am two classes in and there is no catch (well that I have run into as of now). If you want to get a certificate for your completed course or remove adds there is a fee. I haven't found the adds to be annoying as of yet, and did order a certification which was about $100 but have not physically received it yet.I have taken and competed an HR course and in process of doing a digital photography course.

Merlin the Talking Parrot.
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax has a live feed to their awesome talking parrot. I had a chance to meet him last year, so now I check in on him now and than.

I could spend hours flipping though texture.  You get unlimited access to all the digital magazine subscriptions. You can read your favorite magazines anytime, anywhere, including back issues.  Today we are giving away not one but two texture subscriptions.

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Good luck.