I Gave Up Caffeine For a Week, Here is What Happened + March #Giveaway

Friday, March 2, 2018

Guys, I did something crazy. I gave up caffeine for an entire week! I know I was scared for everyone in my life too, but I had to do it and here is why. Many people talk about have a cup of coffee in the morning, others drink it all the time, and some will go as far as to say that they cannot live without coffee. More out of curiosity I wanted to see how I would feel without caffeine, and more to see if I am actually a caffeine dependent human form. I traded my 3-5 (don't judge) cups of coffee for herbal and green tea. I know that this is not 100% caffeine free but is better than endless amount of coffee I usually drink. (Also for safety of my loved ones, coworkers and clients I needed green tea to survive). So here is how the week went.

Saturday, Feb 24,2018
mood: Great.
Amy and I were supposed to Jasper but didn't end up going because both of us were being indecisive. I slept in, and spent the day trekking around the city getting errands done. Since I was well rested I didn't notice I didn't have coffee. I made a cup of chamomile tea in the evening, and was totally happy that I did not need or have caffeine ALL day. Yes, I am aware its only day one but small victories people.

Sunday, Feb 25, 2018
mood: Cheerful and determined.
I was on a mission not to have coffee. I noticed I go to grab coffee without even thinking about it. As soon as I woke up I walked over to the coffee machine, out of habit, so I made green tea and didn't notice I didn't have coffee yet. I had soccer at 5PM and by time I got home I had a headache. I didn't think much of it because it could be from anything.

Monday, Feb 26,2018
mood: Struggling.
Turns out caffeine withdrawals are a real thing. I woke up with a headache I went to bed with. Its only been 3 days and I was very much struggling with lack of coffee. Since I didn't have to work today I tried to keep busy. The headache seemed to go away with ton of water and cup of green tea

Tuesday, Feb 27,2018
mood: Struggling. Day2
Work has been very busy which only makes not drinking coffee worse.  I had 3 green teas to no avail, it did nothing to help the sluggish feeling. On a happy note, the amount of water I have been drinking this week has increased exponentially. All of our work computers were down so Crystal and I grabbed everyone Starbucks, I was so sad when I couldn't get my usual order but opted out for one their new tea lattes, rose something or other.  

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018
mood: Grouchy.
 I m tired, work is hella busy, I have a never ending to-do list, zero motivation and I had to work two jobs. I wanted coffee SO bad, so I picked up a green tea mactha latte from Starbucks. Technically its not coffee and made me significantly more enjoyable to be around post tea latte.

Thursday, March 01,2018
mood: VERY TIRED and grouchy
This was a very hard day, and I needed coffee, but I opted out for a green tea. I stayed home from work just to sort out and organize my life. I noticed few times I walked over to the coffee machine, pressed the on button, than realizing I don't actually want coffee. Since I am stressed I need something to hold as a distraction. I think that going for coffee over food when I am stressed is probably a win, but didn't feel like I today.

Friday, March 02, 2018
mood:  Tired and totally having coffee today!
I woke up today excited that this week has come to an end and that I am allowed to drink coffee again. I drove El to her conference and we picked up steeped teas on the way there. Turns out, I am not one of those people who needs a cup of coffee to hold (for warmth), or can go without it. I am totally dependant on caffeine to function.

This week will help me to cut down on caffeine intake so that's better right?

To fuel all your needs (because life with coffee is no fun) here is a giveaway for two prizes for $50 each to Starbucks.

Good luck!


  1. I'm pretty vanilla my coffee order is a medium coffee with sweet and low and half and half. I sometimes mix it up with flavored coffee.

  2. I am not a coffee drinker, I love Starbuck's hibiscus cold drinks and tea.

  3. I usually order the venti matcha frappe/latte with a pump of vanilla but since you asked about coffee I usually order a coconut milk latte with a pump of vanilla 💗 - Cheryl k

  4. Ummm, you are stronger than me, lol!! I don’t drink coffee, but consume caffeine in other forms!
At Starbucks my go-to hot drink would probably be a chai or matcha latte, & in the summer a strawberry creme frapp!

  5. Iced Caramel Macchiato is my go to.

  6. I order a grande mocha frappe :)

  7. Vanilla cappuccino or hot chocolate Thanks for the chance ♥️☕️

  8. I love Salted Caramel Creamer in my regular coffee. But if I get a "special" coffee, I go for caramel mocha.

  9. I don't drink coffee. But I am absolutely addicted to Starbucks' iced chai! It's delicious!!

  10. I pretty much like any drink with coffee, so I usually order whatever is new or special!

  11. A caramel macchiato is my absolute favorite.

  12. At Starbucks I LOVE a skinny vanilla latte

  13. I love caffe misto with 2% milk! I tried giving up coffee once, many years ago, at the end of the day I felt so unfocused I had a hard time driving home, that was that, I never since wanted to give it up and now we know it is good for you, too.

  14. I usually order a venti hot caffe latte with nonfat milk, no foam.

  15. I do not drink coffee but I get a venti black iced tea