Getting Back to Fitness - My Journey

Thursday, May 31, 2018

I am lazy, but only when it comes to hitting the gym. I generally work very hard when it comes to my job, blog, and achieving goals I set for myself; all but getting my ass back in shape. 

Big part why this is the case is because I am fairly confident in the way I look and feel, and yes while I say that I am getting fat, I never mean it in self deprecating way. I was also never doing anything about it, so I really had no right to complain. I wore what I wanted. Ate what I wanted. Made it gym and yoga when I felt like it. All of this combined with working more than ever, and mostly sitting at work, has resulted in me being at the biggest weight I have ever been. For the most part, I worked very hard on not letting peoples comments bother me - like fuck you and your opinion of what beautiful or pretty is supposed to be.  I will do me, and you do you.

Life was peachy, until a person I considered very close to me decided to take a stab at my new weight. Part of me know that she probably didn't mean be hurtful or mean but it 100% came off that way. It came off very harsh, hurtful and a huge blow to my confidence and self-esteem. After weeks of eating my feelings in form of cake and crying myself to sleep few times I decided that myself pity party was over. a) no one gets to ruin my day (well weeks!) b) I had to do something about it.

Step one: walk more. I know its not much but I started walking every day. Since my hectic work life didn't slow down, I brought a pair of runners and went for a 30 minute walk every day during my lunch. If you see a girl in a dress or a suit walking around like she is a mission - that's me during my lunch hour.  

Step two: better food choices. My office is conveniently located to all the fast food joints, and like 9 restaurants so I started making lunches. The lunch I bring almost always ends up being healthier than anything I could have purchased. This was hard for me, I love the convenience of purchasing lunch, and I didn't have to plan for it. After the first week, it got easier.

Step three: get support. I got two friend on board of trying intermittent fasting. (more on that here) Its easier to stay accountable with friends and family support. Support does not have to mean people you know here - join a running group, November Project and Facebook group etc - being surrounded with people who are working toward the similar goals goes a long way.

Step four: cardio. Cardio sucks, especially if you are like me and get tired walking up two flights of stairs, but its a necessary evil. I added two days a week where I went to a 45 min run. At first it was like run for 4 minutes, try not to die for next 41 but eventually I got to the point I run at least most of that 45 min.

Step five: strength training. Personally this was hard for me, committing to do weights or strength training is something I didn't want to do, for two reasons, first I don't enjoy it what's so ever,  two I personally think huge muscles on women (aka me) are not attractive. yes having nice muscle definition is the goal but that's where I would like to stop that. Few years back while I was a gym going regular my traps and quads were too big - I looked awful to myself. BUT all my issues aside, to get any muscle definition I had to jump on board and start strength training. I started by 30 minutes  twice a week - and because I have no idea what I am doing - I started following body boss examples.

Step six: create balance and be patient. Rome was not build in a day and that applies to your fitness. As long as you take the first step and do something you are doing great. Results take time. Don't get discouraged. Start with one thing and build on that. Record your progress, celebrate wins, and learn from times you feel like aren't doing well.

love, Nermisa