Top 5 Things To Do In Florence

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

This is a continuation in my series on Italy because as you all know we are going there this summer. I have done some research and these are the Top 5 things I am hoping to do when I am in Florence. Check out my list and see if you agree, and let me know what should have made my list. 
Vintage Fiat 500 Tour- The one I booked is a 4 hour night tour that I am really looking forward to, and so is my man. I had to book it because it was the whole reason he was getting excited about the trip. I know right, who wouldn't be excited about going to Italy  
San Lorenzo Market- I love shopping and the pictures of this market look amazing. Itlay is famous for it's leather goods, so I am looking forward to finding a good leather wallet or purse, or lets be honest both.
Uffizi Galleries- I took one art class in University and that gave me an appreciate for all the famous works of art. This gallery has many of them. I am hoping to see all these amazing paintings again, once is never enough.
Ponte Vecchio- I honestly don't remember if I saw this the first time I went to Florence, so this time I definitely want to see it. It's a famous bridge that looks so different than anything I have ever seen. 
Cooking Class- How amazing would it be to learn to cook authentic Italian food, in Italy. I love Italian food, so I would love to learn how to cook it and authentically. I really hope we have enough time and find a class. 

So what should have made my list that hasn't?