Best Shoes For Travel

Friday, June 29, 2018

What shoes do you wear when your travel? Do you have a go to pair of shoes that make most of your trips? Few of us are off to Europe, and for two of them this was their first time in Europe. European cities, for the most part are designed to be navigated by foot and public transportation — it is guaranteed that you’ll walk a ton each day.  So, you want to find a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. Here are my go for any holiday:
I was very much anti Birkenstock until my sister bought my a pair, and now I have no idea how I ever lived without them. They are designed for comfort, and mold to your foot to ensure they fit you the best. I have the original and the rubber ones. If you are already a birks lover, then these are a perfect addition to your collection for things like camping, going to the beach, bring on vacations to wear since they are waterproof. 

If you are looking for style and comfort – converse are your answer. They are designed for comfort, they are light and breathable and you can pair them with most outfits to look great. I own five or six different colors and styles.They are classics and never go out of style - and at this price point you can't go wrong. 

Walking Trainers.
Walking shoes (trainers) are different than just any runner, they are usually lighter and more flexible than a shoe you would use for gym or running. Walking trainers range includes a great selection of features to keep you comfortable but in styles that are stylish, and don’t look like you accidently wore your gyms shoes for walking around Europe. Great thing about walking trainers that they usually offer more support than Converse would and come in wide range of prices and styles you can find the shoes to suit your walk.

Reef flats are know for being comfortable and durable. The styles range from classic flip flop that is perfect for any beach holiday to a dressier flat you can wear anywhere and still be comfortable but look great.

I have rounded up few of my favorite styles for you. Let me know what you think.