Disconnecting to Connect!

Friday, July 20, 2018

When I decided to become a blogger I never knew how much time I would spend on my phone. Social media took some getting used it, and now its way blogged so most things but thinking even three years back I have no idea what I did to kill time before Instagram and Pinterest. A presenter at a leadership conference I attended, Erin Robinson, talked about it being like an addiction, and I laughed. "Like I am totally not addicted" but you know what I totally am. Lately I have been catching myself checking my social media accounts even more – not because I was doing something but because I am used to it. It's just something I did. It is a habit, and not checking my phone gave me major FOMO. Last week of April I made a commitment to myself (and well you guys, because you all get to be part of it) to not check my phone (with exceptions of phone calls, because well my mother). No Instagram, no Facebook, no twitter, no e-mails.

Partially worried but very determined me, arrived at my parents first So here is what I learned from disconnecting, even if it's just for a day every week.

Day one is hard. First couple of hours you are gonna be SO bored. I tried to keep busy and did eventually have to give my phone to my dad to hold hostage so I am not tempted to check it.

Week two was much easier. After I survived week one, day one I knew what to expect. I read the news paper  (paper form new paper) for the first time in years. Spent time alone and with my family and before I knew it, the day was over.

My family noticed I wasn't using my phone, so my gen Z sibling who is usually glued to his phone, played a lot less with his phone and was more social, which was nice. We even went for a walk - phone free.

I cleaned a lot. By week three my Sunday was wake up, breakfast and ton of chores. I don't know if this has anything to do with social media hiatus but I was very productive. I seemed to get ton more done than previously, so that was a win.

I had to dig out my ipod (I know, who knew I still had one) for music. I wanted to go for a walk and needed music but having my phone is too tempting, so I went old school. Music with no internet connection.

Week four just passed and by time I got here  I was looking forward to an opportunity to disconnect. There was something nice about having a day where memes, likes and cute dog videos aren't your got to.

Could you go on a break with your phone?