Everyday Clothes I Swear By

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I am one of those people who have ton of clothes and nothing to wear all the time. I am also the person that wears the same things over and over because I love them. I rounded up five everyday clothes I swear by - some of them I own in every color or doubles so I never have to go without them.
Levis Denim.
I have this exact style in two colors and these are my 3rd pair since I found them when I was 18ish or so. They are high waisted, the perfect wash and so comfortable. The last pair I had I wore so much that the hole on my leg was about 3 inches, and they were visibly worn out.
I was on the anti birks team for like ever. Than my lovely sister bought me a pair, I put them on, didn't love them at first but I took them on vacation and after day one I was like  "how did I live without these?". They are so comfortable, provide ton of support, and are great for those days you are walking lots. We did a city excursion in Cuba and every single person complained how their feet hurt from flip flops and other flats but I was fine. I now have 3 colors and styles and they are my go to casual shoe.

I have ton of dresses but this flowy dress I picked up at Joe Fresh couple of years back has been in regular rotation. It is my go to dress for when I don't know what to wear. Its comfortable, flattering and can easily be worn more casual or dressed up. 
I absolutely love t-shirts. Just basic everyday tees, that are lightweight and soft vintage feel. They come in some many styles like crew neck, v-neck designs long sleeve, short sleeves, slim fit or box. T-shirts are versatile and comfortable. You can’t go wrong.

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  1. Ugh I so need to invest in good quality sandals like the Birks - I do a ton of walking and I am one of those people complaining at the end of the day! I just have to bite the bullet of cost!