Staying Fit On Vacation

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Many of you know me as a relatively non active person, but lately I have made an effort to do more things as sitting at work all day is slowly killing me. I just got in a habit of drinking more water and making sure I at least go for a walk every day, so I didn't want to ruin all of that while on holidays. Here are few ways to keep you active even on vacation:
image c/o A.Nealon via Csorbapaints

Walk (run).
Running isn't always an option, but if you can make sure you take the long way to explore, or walk home from the beach vs. taking a cab all those little things help and add up. Saying this, packing comfortable running shoes I key.

Take the stairs. A lot. Croatia is on a hill, and there are ton of stairs, doing couple of laps up and down the stairs every day is a great way to get the heart pumping and work on your butt looking fab. If you are not in a country where there are stairs - use your hotel stairwell. Go up and down a few times. Parkeade to top floor and back.

Squats and lunges.
We all know that squat focus on lower-body strength and targets the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Do a few reps in the morning and it will help improves posture and increases flexibility and hip mobility – which might come in handy if you are walking a lot. best things about squats and lunges you can do them anywhere - in your hotel room, balcony etc. and with no equipment needed.

Jump rope and bands.
Bringing exercising equipment is not something I can fit to bring along (because I am already taking two bags of stuff), but jump rope and exercise bands take little to no space. You can use a jump rope for cardio and the bands to work on strength. There are ton of videos and examples on how to best use exercise bands to target pretty much any wear of your body.

Go for a swim.
Swimming is one of the best exercise for a full body workout. Not only does swimming improves muscle definition, strength and helps you burn lots of calories but it has ton of benefits like improved flexibility and reduce stress and anxiety.

How do you stay fit on vacation?