Do One Thing That Scares You Everyday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Blogging is one of my favourite parts of the day; I get to check my emails & social media and connect with all of you awesome people. Being a blogger has helped me tremendously in so many ways, but one major thing it helped with is being more confident. If you could measure being insecure on a scale form 1 (least) to 10 (extremely) I would be about a 9.
(Spartan Super, 2016 13Km, 28 Obstacles)
Being bullied all the way through my second year of university didn't help and people can be mean so you can imagine how even now I still struggle with it.
It wasn't untill my third year of university when my sister bought me a lululemon headband and the bag it came in had "do one thing that scares you everyday" written all over it that it donned on me that only way to become confident and not let my insecurities shape me as a person is if I face my fears  and do exactly what the bag said.
Do one thing that scares me everyday. 

It wasn't easy at first, some things took many tries before actually being able to face my fears. I have an accent so even putting my hand up in class was horrifying... But eventually one day my voice stopped shaking as much and I was able to say something without having an urge to cry. 

Now, before all this seems so gloomy, some "fears" were more fun... Like jumping off a building, zip lining or changing my hair color or staring this blog. 
It's a small thing but it has helped me come a long way. Don't get me wrong,some days I would say I am still as insecure as I was 7 years agao but most days I am more confident and don't let my insecurities determine how I spend my days.
So, everyday you wake up, do one thing that scares you. If you can't face it that day, try again tomorrow, and day after that, and day after that, until one day it doesn't scare you any more.
xo Nermisa  


  1. Great advice! It's not easy to do the things that scare you 100% - but it can be SO rewarding to jump beyond yourself :) COngrats on facing your fears head on!