Things I Learned About Blogging.

Friday, August 24, 2018

I started blogging nearly two years ago. When I started out I had no idea what I was doing (some days still feel that way) back then I was blogging so I have a creative outlet. I never intended for it to be anything more than that, except I fell in love with blogging and was having fun and then the blog started gaining traction. I read so many stories of amazing people who blog full time, and how successful they are; and let’s be honest the dream is doing what you love and are passionate about and making a living out of it. In June 2015 I started writing and treating the blog as more of a part time job. This has been both awesome and overwhelming experience over last five month. If you are looking to get into blogging or grow your blog here are few things I learned:

Get a domain name. It makes all the difference; it’s easier for people to remember your blog name and look you up, also its set you apart from others. Think about what you want your blog to say, what you will be talking about before you go on and pick a name. I started out with no intention of trying to brand my blog name or make into a business, there for my blog name reflects that. If I were to start all over would I name it the same thing? Prob not, this name is very much me and I do love it, but marketing it is challenging.

Get business cards. I know, odd, considering we are in such a technology driven world but instead writing your blog name and contact information on post it notes, handing someone your card is more professional. Your business cards, thank you cards etc is an extension of your blog “brand” and you want to portray a professional image (especially if you are trying to make your blog into income earning business).

Stay connected. Social media is everything and it has potential to grow your audience exponentially. This means getting social media savvy and learning how to navigate though all of it. You have to stay current, on top of all new apps, new trend and hashtags and track when your audience is most active. There is no need to be posting in the morning if all your followers aren’t active until evening.

Respond to all emails, comments and messages. Yes, this can be a lot of work but if someone took their time to contact you, you need to take time to respond. It makes good business sense, even its just “Thanks” or “I am not interested at this time”.

Stay true to you. I originally wrote about what I wanted, whenever I wanted. Most of that hasn’t changed, I still write in the same tone about things I want but now I follow a schedule. Consistency made a huge difference on amount of visitors to the blog itself. Sticking to your tone and style of writing gives your blog authenticity and tells the reader more about you. Some of my most read posts are the posts that are a true extension and expression of me.

Be picky. Once your blog start gaining traction you will be contacted more for collaborations. Hint: You don’t have to accept them all. For one, some collaborations won’t fit your blog image; some might be too time consuming etc. Don’t be scared to say no thank you, I know it seems like you are losing potential connections or income but if it doesn’t “fit” you and your blog image it’s better not to do it.

Don't compare yourself to others. Growing your blog is a process and it takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication. Don't compare yourself to other bloggers (although they are awesome and seem to have figure it out) you don't know what they had to get though or what kind of opportunities they have had. Your location, blogging style, niche will all play a huge role on how fast (or slow) you start seeing your blog grow. Start with small victories and accomplishments; who knows, one day you might be able to quit your day job and make all your money blogging.

I would love to hear from you... how did you make it in the blogging world? What are some of your tips and tricks for blogging?