Top 5 Amazon Prime Shows

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I discovered Amazon Prime because of the show The Grand Tour, and then we signed up for the 30 day trail and I found some really great shows. Check out my picks below. 

The Grand Tour- obviously this has to be on the list it started it all. I love this show, when they were on Top Gear I loved them and love them now. The first season, wasn't as good but the second season was way better and the previews for the third season look great. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Masel- I loved this show it was hilarious, a housewives who accidentally becomes a comedian. I binged watched the whole first season, I can't wait for season two.

The Man in the High Castle-  This show is really weird and interesting. The show is about after World War II but instead of America winning it was Japan and Germany that won. It's basically an alternate reality. I found the episodes really long, but really interesting.

Sneaky Pete- This show is great a guy in jail who is a con artist takes over the identity of his cell mate. Watch this show its great! There's three seasons, watch all of them.

Jack Ryan- This is a new show that just came out August 31st. The trailer looks so good, check it out here. A CIA analyst who has to give up the desk to go in the field. 

What shows do you like on Prime?