Accessorize your Shoes with Charms from Alterre!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Have you guys heard about Alterre? They design their shoes with comfort and versatility in mind - they are best known for their adjustable heel. The amazing women behind the brand know that the best shoes are comfortable all day, versatile, and pack light. So they combined those traits with their patented technology (and a lot of insole padding) to create shoes you can interchange into over 500 combinations. Lately they have gone even further to make shoes more versatile and stand out by creating interchangeable charms. 

I personally own a lot of shoes, but sometimes you can't take a suitcase full of shoes just so you are ready for different looks. That’s why Alterre created an innovative line of modular shoes charms for the modern woman. They come in different styles and can change how a shoe looks completely. They are made of high quality leather and the best part, these charms can be worn on all Alterre shoes as well as any shoe with a 1/4" strap.