Last (like very last) Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Friday, October 26, 2018

I love to plan, and be organized - doing anything last minute causes me stress and gives me anxiety. Halloween costumes always seem to do that... year in and year out I leave finding a costume to the last minute. In my defense though, I m not big on Halloween but here are some super easy, inexpensive, last minute costumes. All of these costumes are created with this most of us own already... because buying $$$ costumes is absurd- buy like 5 drinks and nachos instead ha!)

FBI Agent
You will need jeans, navy blue t-shirt or jacket, yellow tape, and a badge (optional $7.99 on amazon)

Bread Winner Costume

You will need  medals, T-shirt, jeans, two packages of bread.

50 Shades of Grey Costume
You will need grey dress or jeans and top. Lots of paint samples (thank you home depot!)

Mary Poppins Costume

You will need a black skirt, white dress shirt, hat, red bow tie (or scarf) and an umbrella.

Nerd Costume
You will need a dress shirt, suspenders, glasses, white tape and bow tie.

Wednesday Adams
(image and how to)
You will need a black dress, white dress shirt, black nylons (your hair in braids).

Where is Waldo.
You will need jeans, red stripped shirt, hat and glasses.

Pop Art Culture Costume
You will need make up (I owned most of this but a trip to local dollar store will do).

Rosie the Rivet Costume

You will need a denim shirt, jeans, brown belt, red and white scarf.

Few others: Cow Girl, Soccer/Baseball player, Referee, Angel/Devil, Cat, Ballerina, Bachelorette contestant, zombie.

If you are going to buy a costume, may I recommend  any super hero (Super Girl, Wonder Women, Cat Woman etc.), Fortnite Brite Bomber Costume, Handmaid's costume, or Power Rangers.

Are you dressing up this year?