Three products you need to include into your winter skin routine

Thursday, December 13, 2018

I don't know about you, but for me, my skin is perfect in the summer. Its dewy, soft and glowing - second temperature drop my skin loses its mind - I break out, my skin gets blotchy, dry, red,  and just over all blah looking (yes, blah is official beauty term). Edmonton got cold in September and since I have been struggling to revive my skin. There are my go to, true and tested products you need this winter. 

Neostrata Dual AcidBrightening Peel

I got this dual action peel in a beauty box to review and wasn’t sure what to expect – my skin is so sensitive that I was worried to try it out. But faster much research I gave it a shot – the peel is formulated to improve tone and texture for a refined, brighter skin complexion. I’ve used this a five times now and not only I have noticed a significant improvement in the smoothness and how clear and even my skin, other has commented on it. 

Michael Todd Beauty Soniceraser Pro
Turning 30 scared me, like a lot. It was also the first time I started taking better care of my skin. My skin is dry and sensitive so many things don’t work well. I have been using the Soniceraser Pro for just over a week and I can see a noticeable difference in my skin. My skin is soft and I haven’t had nay breakouts since I started using it. I used it every night to apply my night cream. the device turns on when you touch it to your skin and off when you take it away.  

Estée Lauder Advanced Night RepairSynchronized Recovery Complex II

 This is the only serum that I have seen results with this fast. I started using it about 3 weeks ago and I use it after cleansing my face.  My skin doesn't break out and looks tight, plump, and radiant. I even use this under my eyes and no dark circles. I’ve noticed dark spots on my forehead are fading away and my face overall looks brighter and I love how a little goes a long way.

What are your go to beauty products?