5 Alberta Hikes You Need to Experience

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My commitment in 2019 was to get to be more fit, active and overall healthy. There is no better way than to get outside and explore. We are fortunate enough that in Alberta there are so many amazing places to get to and explore.  Alberta's Rocky Mountains are wonderful and 3-4 hours away for many of and offer countless places to wander – today we rounded up five hikes you should definitely check out.

5.5-Hour Jasper Wildlife and Waterfalls Tour with Maligne Lake Cruise from Jasper - $112.33
Discover why the Maligne Valley is the highlight of any visit to Jasper National Park. On this breathtakingly scenic 5.5 hour tour, take in impressive waterfalls at Maligne Canyon before continuing up the valley to Medicine Lake. Along the way, watch for iconic Canadian wildlife, frequently spotted in this area. Arriving at the valley's jewel, Maligne Lake, you'll experience the wild beauty of this vast wilderness on a 90-minute scenic boat cruise to Spirit Island.

Sulphur Skyline - Jasper National Park
Level: moderate || Length: 8Km round trip / 4ish hours

This is one of my favourite hikes I have ever been on. The Sulphur Skyline hiking trail has some of the most breathtaking panoramic views, ton of opportunities to take photos and once you make it to the top its stunning views as fast as the eye can see. It’s a lot of uphill and somewhat steep, so wear good shoes, bring snacks and water.

My favourite part, if you are in season, is the fact that Miette Hot Springs, the hottest in the are very close to the Sulphur Skyline hike, you can actually start right by the hot springs. Great place to relax after completing this stiff hike.

Maligne Canyon - Jasper National Park

Level: easy || Length: 7.4 round trip / 3ish hours

Maligne Canyon is considered the most fascinating canyon in the Canadian Rockies. The hike is about 3.7KM from bridge 1 to 6, and you can start at either end. Its filled with bridges, waterfalls, and endless opportunities for photos. The roar of the falls is my favourite.  Its noticeably busier in the summer, but just as beautiful to experience in winter.

3-Hour Maligne Canyon Ice-walk from Jasper - $51.65
This 3-hour icewalk adventure leads you deep inside the canyon along its icy floor. Explore a rocky maze of sculptures, ice caves and fossils, along with spectacular waterfalls naturally frozen in time. The Maligne Canyon Icewalk is designated as a signature experience by the Canadian Tourism Commission, due to its unique geological features and outstanding beauty.

Johnston Canyon - Banff National Park
Level: easy to moderate || Length: 5KM to 11KM round trip / 2 to 6ish hours
The trail begins immediately behind Johnston Canyon Lodge and you can choose how far you go – there is a shorter trail to Upper falls (5KM round trip) or to Ink Pots (11.4Km round trip . You start with a short climb through the forest, and than you keep with the Johnston Creek all the way to Lower Falls. Along the way you pass over iron catwalks attached beneath overhanging canyon walls, top of gorgeous scenery and a creek. You can do the walk-in winter or summer.

Banff National Park Guided Hike with Lunch - $82.60
Get out in Canada’s crisp mountain air on one of these four iconic hikes in the Banff and Lake Louise areas of Alberta. The Canadian Rockies offer a dramatic backdrop to explore some of North America’s most spectacular hikes, for varying levels and abilities. Trek to classic locations and see spectacular views. Share your passion for the mountains with the local, enthusiastic guides. Explore the Larch Valley, Stanley Glacier, Kootenay National Park Trails or the Plain of Six Glaciers.

Plain of Six Glaciers - Banff National Park
Level: moderate || Length: 14-18Km round trip / 6+ish hours
Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail is approximately 14-18 kilometer round trip hike trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate. There was ton of people on the trail when we were there but the further we got, less people we encountered. The views are exceptional of mountains all around.

Wood Bison Trail - Elk Island National Park
Level: moderate || Length: 16 KM loop / 4+ish hours
The trail begins in large, open aspen forest and eventually leads to Flyingshot Lake where you will make the loop around.  The trail affords excellent views of the surrounding areas and ton of opportunity to see Elk, Bison or birds. We did it in the summer and it was hot – plus ton of bugs but worth it. We packed a lunch and had a great picnic.


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