Valentines Day - Give Her a Gift She Will Love

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Each year just before Valentines day I get calls from at least two or three of my guy friends saying "HELP, what I get her for Valentines?"  (In their defense this happens at Xmas and their wife/girlfriends birthdays). I can totally sympathize with the struggle to find the perfect gift for women like my friends – they generally buy what they want and since there is no magic no one-gift-fits-all for every woman out there it's hard. I rounded up few things that women in my life and I would like. Let me know what you think?
Spa days, trips, A PLANNED DATE, flowers, finishing that task she has been bugging you for (Shayne hint hint, I think there is painting and floors to be done) or taking the kids for a day so she can relax are always good. 
Here is direct shopping links to few things - for every budget (notice how little chocolate there is on this list :P)

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