#BeautyFavourites : February - The Masks Edition

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I am not sure if it’s the winter or the stress at work but so far in 2019, my skin has hit an all-time new low. Like low as a teenager with raging hormones type of skin issues. I tried everything from changing my diet, switching from my go-to brand of makeup, even brushes…everything I could think of! You know that meme that says "I'll put a mask on, that will fix everything"...so as a last resort, I did.  I decided to try all the masks I could get my hands on!
I think you should have an arsenal of face masks - all that serve a different purpose.
This Cleansing Clay Mask is one of the best ones I tried. I never run out of it. I use it once a week and it leaves my skin super soft and actually feels clean. Since my skin is generally a mess in winter, this helps me re-set my skin and prevent breakouts.

A good sheet mask goes a long way and this "girl you are golden" mask takes the cake. This mask is from a store called LUX here in #YEG but I couldn't find to link it for you. Whitely there is 1544125645 options and some are better than other - you want to use sheet masks compliment your skin. I use sheet masks to help get glowing and soft looking skin, and generally after I use a cleaning mask first.

You need a good polishing mask - something with beads in it to really get that deep clean when you are washing it off. Masks that are meant to polish you skin leave your skin feeling soft and even skin tone. Freeman has few options but you can try this one.

This Purity mask is another clay mask and meant to exfoliate but unlike the first mask in this post is white clay. Its great for fighting blemishes and skin imperfections. I use it as a spot treatment on breakouts or as a re-set if I have been wearing lots of make up or products.

Peel off masks have been a hit and miss for me over the last few years, that is until I stumbled upon this COPPER+CRANE Radiance mask (might have been in a Glossy Box) and my opinion on peel of mask was changed forever. This mask is like magic. It leaves my skin super soft and hydrated.

These are some of my favourites. What masks should we try next?