How I Grew My Pinterest Views from 617 to 55K+ in 30 days

Monday, February 25, 2019

Personally I feel grateful and fortunate that I have a creative outlet and that I found an amazing community to be a part of. When I started blogging (nearly 5 years ago) without any idea of what I was doing I found it hard to move the needle when it came to engagement, even more challenging was to do it consistently. While its different for me because I base my social media of content created here, its hard to come up with ways that actually work. There is so many different platforms to focus on, so many ways to do things, and I found that information that was available for free was repetitive. 

As with most bloggers, all of our goal is the same at end of the day to increase blog traffic, get more engagement and make more money online. While I have no stats of how increase in readership will end in $$$ I found that the best way of increasing engagement and traffic, especially if you are a new blogger is by using Pinterest to increase traffic.

I would maybe preface this post with saying that this is my side hustle, and by no means am I an expert, this not a magical formula or anything but that it did make a difference for me. 

Here is where I started in January:

I was pinning all my blog posts as soon as they were posted but getting little to no traction.Somewhere in January I decided to try and look into why less than 20 people actually checked and engaged with my posts daily. 

Basic tips for Pinterest:
Pinning schedule – You have to be consistent. Based on what I found you have to post minimum couple times a day (right, who knew), and post every day.  Mass porting on Sunday when you got the time does not get the same traction as consistent daily pinning.

Quality Pictures – Its true when they say a photo says a thousand words, and man is that true for Pinterest. Creating well lit images, images with words on them seemed to do way better than basic images. Its also what Pinterest showed on top for me when I searched anything – it was vertical images with bring colors and words on them.

Engagement – like other forms of social media you should engage with others on Pinterest. Follow, re-pin and comment to get most for your.

Caption and link – all posts should have some kind of caption and always remember to add a link back to your blog. 

Sounds simple but do I honestly have time to post daily? After a little research I discovered Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduling tool that is approved by Pinterest and Instagram. My favorite part is that it provides analytics and smart scheduling insight. 
So I signed up and tired it out for 30 days.*

After a month here is where my I am at:
Huge difference right? I set the auto posts to twice a day, mostly from my blog. 

Not sure if you want to spend money on it, sign up for it! Start the FREE trial to check it out first. If you use this link you get to try it out for free for a month. I think urging it for a month gives you a good insight if it will work for you. It is $9/month after that per account.

Let me know if you do the free trail and what you think.

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*full disclosure, its been less than 30 days and I missed 2-4 days in beginning of February while trying to figure this out. The free trail is an affiliate link, in no way sponsored by Tailwind and all opinions and stats are my own. If you are thinking of signing up I would encourage you to use the link provided - because every little bit helps and as always I m grateful an thankful your support.