How To Make Moving Easier

Friday, February 22, 2019

I purchased my condo in November and since it is a new building, I had to wait to get a possession date for when I will actually be moving. I heard mid-January that March 6th is my possession date, so I had less than 2 months to get my life together, buy new furniture and pack for the big move.  Then I somehow turned around it was February and I haven’t actually started on getting my s*it together. 

While everyone's move will be different, here are some of my tips and suggestions that will hopefully assist and help you make your move feel more organized and not so overwhelming:
It's simple and it might seem silly but writing down in your calendar the day and time of the move is very important. This will help you be more organized and give you an opportunity to plan all other things around it. I recommend using a physical calendar that you can see a full month layout.
Having a calendar will help you add and remember all important times like when you get the keys, elevator times booked, moving truck etc. but it will also help to make sure you book things in advance.

I personally depend on my phone and an internet connection so getting cable and internet in to my new apartment is important. Make sure you make an appointment for it to be installed/set up the same day you move-in. Of course, this goes for all your utilities, not just the vanity ones (I cannot live without), so call and arrange everything so all things go smoothly on the day of your move.
You have to pack up your entire life into boxes or wrap it in plastic wrap so there is no better time than to go through things you own, and organize them into a manner that makes sense for your move. (More on getting organized and de-cluttering in this post.) Try to pack up rooms vs just throw things in boxes; this will make your move in so much easier. Kitchen stuff with kitchen stuff; clothes in same boxes; living room items together; you get the idea, pack like items together and label the boxes. Pack up things you are not using now, such as clothes you that are out of season, extra bedding, etc.
This goes hand in hand with previous points but buying and planning for items you will need in your new place is important; not only will it save you money being prepared but the sooner you start planning for items you need, the more time you have to save or find a good deal. I need MANY new furniture pieces so I started looking and buying items way ahead of my move – free layaway is key or having the companies deliver items the day of your move makes a world of difference. If you are buying items ahead of time, keep them in boxes so they are easier to move.