How to Take Better Photos

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Taking good pictures can be hard. Some people have a knack for capturing the most amazing images from just the right angle. Some take the most beautiful pictures of people where they look stunning and effortless. However if you are like me, here are few tips that I use in order to take better pictures. 

Look your subject in the eye – This goes with my next point; in order to make your subject look their best and flattering, imagine you are making eye contact through your lense. If they are sitting on the ground, try and angle your lense like you are trying to make eye contact (most likely sitting or kneeling at their level).

Use flash outdoors - Sometimes it’s too bright, too sunny, the sky is too blue and it washes you out or the lighting is just not right. By using the camera's flash setting in sunlight-it brightens and evens out skin tone.

Move in closer – Instead of trying to zoom in or out – physically step closer when you are taking photos. This will give you better quality images.

Move your subject from the middle – I am guilty of this more often than not; so when  taking photos adjust your camera so your subject is not in the middle. Play with it.
Know your flash's range – When you are taking pictures with little light or indoors, there is no point in taking a picture with your flash on when your subject is five meters out. Your flash only covers one meter in front of you. Sometimes taking a picture from too far leaves your subject looking dark and if you are too close, your subject is illuminated in a white light.

Body language – Taking a picture straight on can make the smallest person look awkward and not flattering. By extending one leg out in front, turning a little to the side, and planting the corresponding hand on the hip makes the world of difference. Sometimes it’s just as much up to you as the photographer to move around to prevent this.

Little fixes – A little bit of lip gloss, little blush here or a dab of concealer there makes for a better picture. There is nothing worse than taking a great shot only to realize your subject looks pale or has dark circles – yes those can be fixed via photo shop but lets be real, it’s harder to correct this on photos as many times light is distorted and the image is blurry or disfigured.

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