My Daily Beauty Routine

Monday, May 27, 2019

If you read Letters to LALA land, you know that my beauty routine is very minimal. I get ready in less than 15 minutes in the morning (this includes shower, make up, hair, getting dressed & most days having coffee). 
Over years I have found (and than refined) a simple make-up morning routine. It's simple and minimalist but makes a world of difference on how I look and feel. This is also what I stick to while traveling.
1) Moisturize and even out complexion
I usually prep my skin with eye cream, day time SPF moisturizer and tinted moisturizer for coverage.

2)Add color and contour
 Maybe, this is just me but contouring can go pretty scary in a quick minute. I am strong believer  if you do contour right it should enhance your beauty. Goal is to skin is defined, glowing, and bright. In order to get the look just right, you need the right tools and product. I use Vanity Planet  Make-up Brush Palette and Essential Contour Kit.

Finding a right shade can be a challenge but the VP countering essential kit has shades that are perfect for creating a natural look. It's easily blended, with good pigment and staying. Best part this set comes with an informative book and diagrams on how to use the palette to achieve best results.
The essential contouring kit does come with a brush, however I use the Angled Contour Brush and the Large Fan Brush from my VP Professional Makeup 15 Brush Collection. The brush collection is high quality and very soft. Since it comes in a convenient, sleek faux-leather  carry case, I take it on all my trips.
3)Mascara and lip gloss
I finish my routine with mascara and a tinted lip gloss. During the summer I try and add a lip gloss or tinted lip moisturizer with SPF.

Vanity Planet is an online boutique market place focusing on beauty, wellness, and grooming; I absolutely love the products I have been using. Best thing? You can score some major discounts on all the must have beauty essentials.

What does your morning routine looks like? Have you tried any VP products? I would love to hear from you.