How to: Have a Social Life and a (Positive) Bank Account Balance

Friday, July 26, 2019

This guy screams in my head daily. There are SO many things I want to do - but my bank account doesn't always allow me to "do ALL the things". In fact, it usually kicks me in the neck meat with a reality check: KACHA! You can't afford this. Stupid bank account.

Here's a few tips I use to take advantages of my wants without busting the bank.

Open a whole different bank account full of savings accounts. Prioritize your wants: music, shoes, make up, vacations. Label them, allocate monthly (weekly or bi-weekly) contributions, set up AUTOMATIC transfers from your main account. Out of sight, out of mind: until you need it of course.
Travel To The Backyard

Cut out the little things that you like, but don't LOVE. For example, I've stopped buying any new books - free downloads and borrowing from the library. Started picking up new ones from garage sales and second hand shops. Asking friends to read theirs - readers love to share if you swear not to bend a page or damage their babies.

Say NO sometimes. I can't go out to eat and spend cash every weekend. I can't go to every concert or attend every event. Pick and choose.

Find the free. Regardless of where you live, there is free stuff to do! 
Especially in the summer months. Many credit unions have programs that are free (or nearly free) to events year long and you can check this guide too for free events.

What are your tips and tricks for getting to do all the things you want without going broke?