#Review: Kenra Blow Dry Spray

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I have really thick wavy hair and blow drying it is a chore. I try and leave it to air dry as much as possible because it takes forever to dry. Whenever I go to the salon the hairdresser always comments about how much water my hair retains after they wash it. Finally someone suggested Kenra blow dry spray and I have never looked back it is a game changer, it cuts my drying time in half. 


It's so easy to use just uncap, spray from root to tip and brush through and then blow dry as usual. You will go from 35 minutes to 15 minutes. I swear try it, if you hate drying your hair because it takes forever you need this product. It's about $30 so it's pretty pricy but it's so worth it. You can find it at Ulta, Chatters, Amazon. I've also seen it at Walmart it's rare but sometimes you can find it.

What do you use to speed up drying your hair?