Giving Back Without Giving Money

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Over last week, the Letters to LALA Land team challenged each other to be more positive about ourselves. This was a challenge for me as I found I am very harsh on myself but this little positivity challenge got me thinking about being more positive and giving back. Making  regular donations to charities is great but with economic times what they are, people trying to save money, or with unexpected expenses that isn’t always an option.  This got me to thinking, how can we give back when there is very little wiggle room in your finances?

Here is how you can give back and make someone's day better without giving money:
Your time is money. Sign up for a shit at your local food bank or women's shelter. Join big brother big sister or volunteer at your local hospital. All these things mean a world to someone else and to you its just few hours.

Clean out your closet. Amy items such as outgrown or unworn clothing, extra cleaning supplies, unused books and toys, canned goods and more can be donated . You may no longer have a need for those things but these things will certainly put a needed smile on someone else’s face.

Help with things you love/love doing.
If you love pets, volunteer at an animal shelters, they are always looking for extra help, and you get to spend a day playing with pets you love. Its a win-win. If you love working with kids, you will have no problem find a place to volunteer. (YMCA, local camps etc)

Next time you're baking for a family or work event, consider doubling your batch and bringing the extras to a local police station, veteran club, senior home or soup kitchen. I promise it will make people smile.

Use you skills.
Are you a handyman? Give back by offering to help a neighbor with some household fixes. A writer? Help your people by editing their resumes. Offering your skills to those who can use them is an easy way to give back.

What do you do to give back? How do you make a world a little better today?