Thursday, October 3, 2019

Can't believe it is already October, it feels like September just flew by. Since we are in a new month per usual I am sharing my favourite products i'm loving this month, we just looked over them and there are a lot of face products but with a season change so does a change in how skin behaves or should I say misbehaves (heavy eye roll). Anyway enjoy our picks!

I told you there were a lot of face products. I was not kidding my skin is a mess. I was sent this product by Influencer. If you don't already know who they are they send you products to try and get your feedback on and I am in love with this. I was scared to try a retinol product but this one is a good way to ease into it. It's a peel and my skin feels amazing, it also helped reduce the bumps.  I used the skin recovery duo afterward and it really does help to soothe the skin after the treatment. I am really considering buying both products when my samples are done.

Neutrogena Blackhead Remover Scrub, Acne Treatment with Salicylic Acid
This product is amazing I use it everyday after I wash my make up off. It has helped reduce the bumpiness of my skin and breakouts with this weather change.

I was given this face wash and I love it, it takes off all of my make up with just a dime size of product and doesn't dry out my skin. I know it's in the name but it really does leave your skin moisturized so much so that I sometimes forget to apply face cream after my shower.

I was looking for a clarifying shampoo and on a whim I bought this while waiting in line to buy my haul from Sephora. This is why I hate going into the store to shop because then I end up giving in to the impulse buy. This one I have to say I do not regret, it smells great and really scrubs the scalp to remove build up. It does take a few uses to get used to it because you feel like most of the product us just washing off. I suggest putting some into your hand, getting it slightly damp and then really scrubbing it in. Once you wash it all out your hair will feel super dry but your scalp will feel clean. Use a generous amount of conditioner to restore moisture and you should be good. If you don't use conditioner I don't recommend this product.

What products are you using this month? Did you find a pumpkin spice beauty product to try?