#Review:FK*IT Lashes

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

We have the hardest time applying fake lashes and the glue normally irritates our eyes. We went to the launch party for this new brand of lashes FK*IT Lashes and we are in love. They are the best. We didn't have to trim them, and the glue was amazing. Our eyes normally get so irritated but as we learned at the launch it only has two ingredients acrylic resin and distilled water. 
We were lucky enough to get a free pair each and have them applied. They went on easily and stayed on till the end of the night. We have worn them many times after we got them and since they are so easy to apply we wear them to whatever special occasion we want. You know because we are extra but not too extra.  Another thing we loved about these lashes are they come with a small tube of lash glue included with the lashes. You can get a pair of lashes with glue for $31.00 CND for quality lashes and glue that's a steal!



Nermisa is wearing silk lashes in Boardroom Boss Babe and I am wearing mink lashes  in FK*IT.

What lashes are your go to? Have you tried FK*IT Lashes?


  1. They look wonderful! I just don't think I could pull off the applications myself!

    1. We thought the same thing! I could not put on lashes to save my life but these ones are so easy to apply and the glue really helps because you don't have to wait for the glue to get tacky before applying which was always my issue.